Wednesday, January 28, 2009

State of Emergency

It is my utmost opinion that when the place your living is in a "State of Emergency" due to winter weather conditions, that you shouldn't have to go to work that day. You should get to sleep in, and lounge in your pajamas and fluffy slippers. And the only amount of brain power you should have to exert is trying to decide whether or not you can wait a few more minutes to get up to use the restroom, or if you can hang on to a little bit longer to the nice and toasty in your blanket burrow on the couch.

But no. The past two days, I have trudged my way through the ice and snow, ignoring the warnings of weather persons, to get to work and finish those oh-so-important projects that are apparently more important than my LIFE. Each day as I pick up my keys to walk out the door into the winter wonderland, longingly I glance at my couch, wishing to spend some quality time with it. Oh, how I miss you today couch. 

But because of the sour attitude, I've decided to write down 5 things I love about the snow:

1. The morning you wake up after it has snowed, and there is a beautiful blanket of pure, untouched, unhindered snow. So beautiful.

2. My husband starts my car for me. Because of the cold weather, he gets up and turns on my car so that it will be warm and de-iced. This act is one that makes me feel so loved and cared for.

3. Fun memories. Snow that actually sticks is a pretty rare occasion where I live, only once or twice a year, so remembering all the fun times of sledding down neighbors hills, and building up so much that when you are actually playing you sweat to death. So fun.

4. It makes me really appreciate that I am blessed enough to have a warm house to live in.

5. Sometimes you get to stay home from work/school. And hang out on your couch. Only thinking about weather or not to get up and go to the bathroom.

Too bad that #5 wasn't today. But I'm thankful anyway.


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