Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I saw these over on PoppyTalk, and I'm in awe. People's creativity just astounds me sometimes. The amount of patience and work that must have gone into these book covers, wow. Just wow.

The artist who creates them is named Jillian Tamaki, and she has some more view on her blog. She also made this fun monster quilt. I wish I were talented enough to sew, let alone make such imaginative creations!

So, that's my inspiration for the day :) xoely

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Rock

That's what I've been under. Well, actually, just a load of editing, but none the less.

Anyway, today at work I got to do some research on some type posters for an invitation that I'm working on. Typography in school was never my strong point, so I think that just intensifies my love to type and type treatments. These were some of my favorites that I saw/love/want to hang all around me.

The amount of time that went into this Cameron Moll piece is incredible. Even the little flying bird is two commas put together. I heard this designer speak last year at the How design conference, and the story of the creation is really cool. You should check out the website.

Love this Old Tom Foolery mustache poster.

Ork has a series of posters that include major cities and the local areas. I think it would be really cool to get one of each city you lived in.

And this one if for my sister in law who made this awesome pillow.

What inspires you that you want to fill your room with??

Monday, March 14, 2011

While He is Away

Um. So this is what happens when Ryan leaves for a couple of days:
1) I have dinner at 5:30
2) Shower and then proceed to stay in my pink fluffy robe for the rest of the night
3) Be really lazy. But when I DO do something, I reward myself. When I do the dishes I have some ice cream. When I feed Pete, I have some ice cream. And so on.
4) Watch unwholesome teeny-bopper showed on the CW.

Good thing he comes back tomorrow, I'm out of ice cream :)

I am thankful for:
1) rest
2) rain for our thirsty soil in Oklahoma
3) good photo shoots
4) Super sweet clients who won't let me leave their driveway with-out putting air in their tires
5) Cars with heaters

1) Meetings that help the day go faster (mind you, meetings are NOT something that I am normally thankful for)
2) friends who make me dinner that I eat at 5:30
3) nights in my fluffy pink robe
4) rewards for small things
5) Nights vegging on the couch
6) long phone calls from people I love

Here is a sweet pic that I took in Vegas. If you haven't seen them on the pro blog, you should check them out :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The past few days

My heart is so sad for Japan. The images that I've been seeing are breaking my heart. It's hard for me to function as a normal person. I feel like I should just have a day of mourning for everyone who lost their lives.

But even through all of the sadness that is happening, I, like I vowed for lent, will continue to be thankful. Here are my thankfuls for the past few days.

I am thankful

  1. I am thankful for winning free lunch at whole enchilada
  2. Sisters

I am thankful

  1. for friends who bring me cupcakes
  2. that at some point someone taught me to back up, back up, and back up my files. Since my computer crashed yesterday, I still can still and didn't use all my work.
  3.  for Warm days
I am thankful
  1. Days to rest.
  2. left over cupcakes
  3. friends who are willing to help me in a tight spot
  4. saturday morning cartoons :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today, I'm feeling defeated. I think it's most likely because I ate five chocolate chip cookies for dinner. 

Or because it is just one of those seasons of struggle. I know in my brain that I am so crazy blessed. But my heart feels unrested. And then I feel guilty because there are people out there who have true struggles- like how to put food on the table for their families. 

As I start these 40 days of lent, I want to try to be more positive. So everyday I am going to say something I am truly thankful for that day and build on it.

Today I am thankful for: a healthy pup. Pete is on meds and back to his sweet self.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My New Little Buddy

Fresh out of the oven, this is my new little buddy Tanner. My lovely sister had him this morning at 9:04am, 8lbs 12oz.
Welcome little man! You can't even imagine how loved you and your fat little cheeks already are.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Waiting for Superman

There are so many things that have been running through my brain lately.  I think this is probably one of my most personal train of thought posts that I've ever done. You'd think I have been hiding in a cave, though, barely any contact with the blog-o-world. But I've been working really hard implementing some of the thinks that I learned at my photography conference last week, and catching up at work.

One of the things that I've been thinking about was a documentary that Ryan and I watched this week, have any of you seen Waiting for Superman? It's been out for a while, we just got around to seeing it. It is about the state of the schools in America, and the decline of them.

They brought up some really interesting points about tenure, and the train of thought that bad communities create bad schools. But instead proposes that bad schools create bad communities.

There have been a lot of things lately that have been bothering me about the attitudes of our country. And with-out going all politio on you, I just feel like so many people have a sense of entitlement. I feel like so many people in my generation think they have a right to succeed with out the motivation to work hard.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in the idea that all people should have the equal opportunity to succeed. I believe that if Person A has the dedication and skill, there should not be anything that holds them back-- which is why we have scholarships and financial aid. But I also believe that person B doesn't deserve to have the same lot in life with-out the same amount of dedication and skill.

I know many people can look at me and say that I grew up privileged, and in a lot of ways I was given a better chance to succeed because I was blessed to grow up in a community and family that could provide me with good opportunities. I do see truth in that.

But I also see the truth in that our country was built on people who worked hard. Who knew the importance of education. Who sacrificed so much to have an education, and it was precious. And in many ways I feel like our country's growth has been stunted by the red tape of special interest groups.

I also know that there are people who don't have the same opportunities because of circumstances in their lives. In the documentary, there was a woman who understood the importance of education so deeply that even though she was a single mom living in a poor community, she was spending $500 a month to send her child to private school to get a good education. It's the stories like that that break my heart. I can not imagine the amount of sacrifice it must have took to write that check every month. That would be a huge sacrifice for Ryan and I, and there are two of us.

Anyway, all that to say, the movie really made me feel like there needs to be a change in our school system and society. Tenure, like many things, started out as a good school of thought. But has morphed into something that encourages mediocrity and stagnate ambition.

But overall, I think the heart of the issue is that we need parents and communities who care. I think that is where it all begins-- in the home.

Have y'all seen it? What are your thoughts?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

2920 Project

So for any of you who know me, I am so terrible at 365 projects. I’ve started two, finished none. But I completely admire this dude... he did a 2920 project where he took a photo of himself every day for 8 years! Kind of cool to get to see how he has changed!

I like his pirate phase, too.