Monday, March 14, 2011

While He is Away

Um. So this is what happens when Ryan leaves for a couple of days:
1) I have dinner at 5:30
2) Shower and then proceed to stay in my pink fluffy robe for the rest of the night
3) Be really lazy. But when I DO do something, I reward myself. When I do the dishes I have some ice cream. When I feed Pete, I have some ice cream. And so on.
4) Watch unwholesome teeny-bopper showed on the CW.

Good thing he comes back tomorrow, I'm out of ice cream :)

I am thankful for:
1) rest
2) rain for our thirsty soil in Oklahoma
3) good photo shoots
4) Super sweet clients who won't let me leave their driveway with-out putting air in their tires
5) Cars with heaters

1) Meetings that help the day go faster (mind you, meetings are NOT something that I am normally thankful for)
2) friends who make me dinner that I eat at 5:30
3) nights in my fluffy pink robe
4) rewards for small things
5) Nights vegging on the couch
6) long phone calls from people I love

Here is a sweet pic that I took in Vegas. If you haven't seen them on the pro blog, you should check them out :)

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