Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Rock

That's what I've been under. Well, actually, just a load of editing, but none the less.

Anyway, today at work I got to do some research on some type posters for an invitation that I'm working on. Typography in school was never my strong point, so I think that just intensifies my love to type and type treatments. These were some of my favorites that I saw/love/want to hang all around me.

The amount of time that went into this Cameron Moll piece is incredible. Even the little flying bird is two commas put together. I heard this designer speak last year at the How design conference, and the story of the creation is really cool. You should check out the website.

Love this Old Tom Foolery mustache poster.

Ork has a series of posters that include major cities and the local areas. I think it would be really cool to get one of each city you lived in.

And this one if for my sister in law who made this awesome pillow.

What inspires you that you want to fill your room with??


  1. I dream of this... how would I decorate if I had an unlimited budget?!? I don't know specifically, but I know I'd want a variety of pieces and I'd want it to have an eclectic feel (yet at the same time not feel totally jumbled or confusing). With my unlimited budget I'd probably hire someone to help me with such exciting design decisions, too. :)

  2. Elyse! I need to know where you found the star wars poster; the mustach poster, and the periodic table poster.

    Seth ;-) You know how to reach me. lol.