Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend! Woo Hoo!

Can I tell you how excited I am for this weekend??? Very! This week has just seemed to ddrraaaggg on. Goals for the weekend:
  1. Clean Floors
  2. Wake up early enough to go garage saleing
  3. Prepare for the PUPPY!
  4. Have a great photo shoot
  5. Do something sweet for my husband
  6. Put extra things in the attic (this involves help from the hubby)
  7. Plant flowers around pergola
  8. Make my bed-- I want to get in the habit
  9. Pick up my pants from the store
  10. Eat healthy -- tying to get back on the ww plan again
Okay, we will see how it goes! xoxoely

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photo Fun!

I'm really excited because I have several photoshoots coming up soon, and I can't wait to get out there and start shooting! And it reminded me that I need to get on the ball and put some of my more recent picturs on the web site. I've atached one of my favorite from a shoot a couple of weeks ago, isn't it cute??  They were super fun, and had such good attitudes as I toted them all around Oklahoma City.
I've been learning from each of my photoshoots, and I'm going to try to keep a log that I can look back and remember how far I've come, and because I'm pretty sure that Candice and I will be the only one's who ever read this, I don't mind making personal notes to myself :)

Photo Lesson to Self Number One: Pace Yourself
Keep photoshoots from about 1.5-2 hours (unless bringing hefty snacks and a tent to take a rest for a good while because your feet hurt like no other). I think the excitement of nice weather and the first shoot of the season gave you too high of expectations. Try 2 or 3 great locations instead of 9 or 10. I know you, self, you tend to want to do everything, but I think it's more important for you and your client to leave the shoot in high spirits and excitement, as opposed to both parties being exhaused.
Mini Lesson: The silly nose glasses=unwanted hair in key picture taking parts of the face...try out your props next time.  xoxoely

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grey Obsession

I think I'm in love with grey. I like black furniture, I like white furniture, so naturally when they marry, I LOVE grey. I don't know why i didn't think about it before, but I've been seeing it pop up here and there, and it's pretty grand. Our new house had a formal dining room, that I thought I would use as a formal living, but have changed my mind and now (for today anyway) think we will do a formal dining again. This is my inspiration:
It's from Sweetpea and Willow  I even love the company name! Too bad it's in Europe. 

So I'm on a quest to find a similar table to sand down and paint. Craigslist be good to me!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Proud of My Husband

This past weekend my husband and his buddy took our back porch from this:

to this!:

It's our first home improvement project, and our kindred spirit friends drove all the way up from Dallas to help us get the house together and build the pergola. It turned out so great, even better than what I was hoping for! Now I just need to get some good climbing flowers and some cute patio chairs, and it will be perfect.

The boys spent so long planning and dreaming of their outdoor haven, they had to leave their mark. They're the cutest, I mean, manliest.

And this is just one of the things that I am proud of my husband for. Today is our TWO YEAR anniversary, and this is just another tick mark on all the wonderful things he is and can do. I am so lucky that I'm blessed with such a kind man who loves me a lot for some reason!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flower Power

I planted my first flower in my garden! It's called a Pink Gnome! I think it's kind of purple, but I'm not prejudice. Isn't is cute!

The weather has been so nice that everyday when I come home from work, I try to do something outside. So far I planted my one flower (more to come!), sprayed for bugs, looked looney by getting a ladder and broom and trying to get leaves off the roof from all of the monsoon weather we've been having-- and my favorite, my front door arrangement! 

Some of you may remember these incredibly uncomfortable chairs from college--it's like those super cute shoes you buy, and then only wear once a year because they're so uncomfortable. So I stuck it to them, and punched out the seat and made a planter out of them. I wonder if there are any clever ideas to use those shoes.... I need to get something to cover up the ugly grey pot in the chair, though. I think I'm going to use moss. Any other suggestions?? xoxoely

Friday, May 15, 2009

The fish pastry

For weeks before we went to Korea, my mom talked about researching Korea. And was incessant about telling us everything she learned, even to my brother-in-law, who happens to BE Korean. But she kept telling us about these fish pastries they sell on the street, and how she wanted to eat a fish pastry, must find the fish pastries. Personally, I felt that a pastry made out of fish didn't quite appeal to my pallet, but to each his own. Well, my mom finally found them, and this is what they were: 
Not fish pastries, fish SHAPED pastries. They actually had sweet beans inside. Pretty tasty, but not fish. Here is mom enjoying one:
Mom pretends like she doesn't like having her picture taken, but she likes to put herself in very picturest (sp? I am a terrible speller...) situations and pretend like she didn't do it on purpose. More of that to come. Oh mom. I love her so.  xoxoely

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lantern Festival in Korea

Before we made the journey over the ocean to the grand city of Seoul, I was convinced I was going to stick out like a sore thumb. But surprisingly despite my blond hair and almost-see-through-white skin, I didn't really feel awkward at all-- I guess most of it is thanks to being a bit vertically impaired. We just went along our week, and I think after a while I just felt like I was one of the cute little Korean girl there.

Well, on my birthday, the whole city decided to celebrate with a parade! (Well, actually it was the Annual Lantern Festival in celebration of Buddha-- but I mean, who's keeping track anyway.) And I guess that all of the white people in the whole country traveled into town to celebrate, too! I've never been so intrigued by seeing white people, I think they may have outnumbered the Koreans in the crowds!

The night was a beautiful show of amazing paper floats (some even breathed fire!), and lots of little ladies dressed in Hanbok's taking on the streets. Above are some of my favorite shots that we got.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack

Well, my lovely two followers, your little ely-ear to ear icon will say "hasn't posted in over a month" no more! Hooray! It seemed as thought starting my blog started hysteria in my life, and all things became crazy. In the past 2 months we have searched for a house, found a house, put an offer on a house, went to Ann Arbor for my sisters wedding, went to Korea for my sisters wedding, closed on a house, moved into a new house! Absolute Chaos! 

But now things have settled down a bit, I'm ready to get back onto the blog-wagon. Over the next few posts I want to share about my experience in Korea, and all of the house moving fun. First off, here we are as the OKC-hillbillies with our moving trailer-- we managed to fit all of our large items with one trip-- we Fair's are efficient! 

Ya'll come back now!