Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Proud of My Husband

This past weekend my husband and his buddy took our back porch from this:

to this!:

It's our first home improvement project, and our kindred spirit friends drove all the way up from Dallas to help us get the house together and build the pergola. It turned out so great, even better than what I was hoping for! Now I just need to get some good climbing flowers and some cute patio chairs, and it will be perfect.

The boys spent so long planning and dreaming of their outdoor haven, they had to leave their mark. They're the cutest, I mean, manliest.

And this is just one of the things that I am proud of my husband for. Today is our TWO YEAR anniversary, and this is just another tick mark on all the wonderful things he is and can do. I am so lucky that I'm blessed with such a kind man who loves me a lot for some reason!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I was just thinking about you guys yesterday. I can't believe it's already been 2 years. I'm so happy for ya'll.

    The project turned out great! Jon and I love those things!! If we didn't already have a deck on the back of our house we'd have to commission them to come build us one of those. We really need to get together soon! I can't wait to see your house:) Post some pictures!