Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flower Power

I planted my first flower in my garden! It's called a Pink Gnome! I think it's kind of purple, but I'm not prejudice. Isn't is cute!

The weather has been so nice that everyday when I come home from work, I try to do something outside. So far I planted my one flower (more to come!), sprayed for bugs, looked looney by getting a ladder and broom and trying to get leaves off the roof from all of the monsoon weather we've been having-- and my favorite, my front door arrangement! 

Some of you may remember these incredibly uncomfortable chairs from college--it's like those super cute shoes you buy, and then only wear once a year because they're so uncomfortable. So I stuck it to them, and punched out the seat and made a planter out of them. I wonder if there are any clever ideas to use those shoes.... I need to get something to cover up the ugly grey pot in the chair, though. I think I'm going to use moss. Any other suggestions?? xoxoely

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