Friday, August 14, 2009

If I won the Lottery...

The Oklahoma Lottery is up to over 200 million. And I was thinking, what would I do if I won the lottery...hmmm...I think that I would be a responsible lottery winner, I really do!

So I figure that I take the lump sum, as opposed to the payments. I'm not sure how much that would be on the 200 million, because i know it has something to do with the inflation of the dollar over 30 year, blah blah blah. Anyway, so I'd take the lump sum. This is what i would do with it:

  1. give to Charity. Gotta get that out of the way first. Probably give Melody the rest of the money she needs so she can be fully funded for ministry!
  2. Get husband a new/new to us car. His has been on the fringe lately.
  3. Visit our friends and family that we don't get to see often. We miss everyone, but can't afford plane tickets. Lucky for us, we have friends in Greece and other fun parts of the world!
  4. Put money in an account to take care of family, college, all that they would need.
  5. Pay off our house, and start looking for a new one. not extravagant. One like this, in a good area of town:

And then I would get these things, because I love them, and they're fun, but would never buy them because I can't see spending as much on them as I do for food for a week/or year:

Original Big Chill Fridge Beach Blue
This would be the first thing I would get. Call, claim my prize, call big chill refrigerators:

Tinkerbell Ballet Flats Made to Order in 6 Different Color Choices
Tinker bell flats by Spirocreations. They're amazing:

<span class=
Victoriana Scarflette - Luxurious Knit Wool and Bamboo Collar - CUSTOM COLORS">

Victoriana Scarflette from ticked pink etsy shop,

Restoration Hardware...

Restoration Hardware patio chairs...they don't sell them anymore, but i would track them down. They have the cutest 2 person chair to match. I heart these.

Vietri Dishes: Incanto collection. Love them. This is the china i wanted to register for when I got married, but decided it would be offensive if I asked for them. They're from the motherland, Itaian made. I was meant to have them.

Tiffany Key Pendent Necklace. I don't know why I like Tiffany so much, i know it's just the same as any other jewlry, but there's something about that little blue box...

And for my Mac Fettish:
The iPhone. Yes, we are too cheap to actually buy them, but oh, how pretty and useful you are!

Mac Pro with open side, showing <span class=HD bays and expansion options">

Mac Pro. Fast. Would solve all of my slow photo processing needs, i just know it. and I'd need two monitors, of course.

And my Kitchen would look like this (but of course with a big chill refrigerator:

Next: Breast reduction. For sure. Take them all away, please.

So, now that you all officially think that I'm materialistic and vain, tell me what you would get so that I don't feel so bad for wanting so much!!


  1. Haha this post is great. Hm...if I won the lotery I would...tithe, pay off my house, do all the crazy things I have been wanting to do to it, buy an FJ Cruiser, go to Greece for like a month at least!, and after giving something special to my parents I would put the rest away.

  2. Oh, Greece. Good idea, I'll have to add that one to the list ;)

  3. this was magnificent.

    i especially love the part about melody being fully funded for ministry- missionary for the lottery!

  4. What an amazing post.

    for me it is not just daydreaming, i keep spending a lot of money on lottery tiks.