Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Official

So I announced today on facebook that I am live on the web. I waited a couple of days because I've been scared. But I got to work early, gave myself a pep talk, and told myself one more time that it would be good for me.

There's something about putting yourself out there in facebook world that is completely intimidating. All of your friends, as well as anyone who has known you since the beginning of time, being able to see an judge what you're doing. It just makes me so nervous! I would much rather show 100 people I've never met, than 10 people I know!

Anyway, since a blog is no fun with-out pics, here's one of my grandpa and his morning paper ritual. I hope one day to be as wise, and as sure of myself as he is! Maybe minus the writing the nasty letters to the newspaper editor about politics :)


  1. You should be so proud of your gift. You are incredible! I love love love that pic of your grandpa too! :) Everything you shoot is gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations! That is a big step, and Lauren above is right, you should be proud. Just remember that if it is 100 people you don't know or 10 that you do, chances are they couldn't even begin to do what you do.