Sunday, February 28, 2010

1,464 gallons of leaves

This weekend my sweet husband and I took on tow of the giant home projects that we have been putting off. The garage, and the lawn.

When we moved into our house, almost a year ago p.s., we got everything put together quickly. Mainly due to the fact that everything that did not have a place in the house, we threw into the garage. And then we added to it. And added to it. Christmas came around, and we added more. In all seriousness, the amount of things on one side of the garage (because we squeeze on car on the other side) was just about as tall as I am. Serious. I could not even open my car door all the way. So we spent a few hours of quality time on saturday organizing, and putting things in the attic. After all was said and done, we didn't even throw anything away, but have a beautiful sparkly garage with tons of room to work and do the laundry.

But you wouldn't know it. Because we felt so good about the garage, we decided to tackle the leaves in the front yard. And now my beautiful sparkly garage is filled with 1,464 gallons of leaves. 44 trash bags full. I kid you not. 44 bags. OUR LAWN IS NOT THAT BIG. How did all those leaves get there? Is this a normal experience to have that many bags of leaves?

First off, I have to tell you that I think that raking leaves is dumb. It's a natural process, people. Leaves fall on the ground, why do we have to put them in trash bags and pay to haul them off? I think it's ridiculous. Granted, our house does look nice an pretty all cleaned up, but seriously.

And I probably would have just let it go, except that every other person's lawn in our neighborhood is sans leaves. And every time someone drove or walked by, I was convinced that they were cursing us in their mind for our unruly yard. Personally, I think there is some magnetic force that just attracts the whole neighborhoods leaves to our yard. All of them. Right there. In our front yard.

So, there you are neighbors, we raked our leaves. And we might even get a lawn mower this year, so we can cut the grass more than twice a summer.

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