Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Encouraging Thoughts

I saw this video over on blah, blah, blahg

How precious is she! And I've been in quite a funk lately. So I was thinking, maybe I should give myself a little pep talk....

I like my husband (even if he borrows my keys and I am late to work and get a crappy parking spot)
I like my dog
I like my family
I like my newly arranged office (pictures as soon as it's cleaned)
I like my co-workers -- at both jobs!
I like Cari and Garretts wedding photos
I like my new sweater from JCrew
I like that my husband is really getting into the business
I like my hair longer
I like the strawberry pie I make
I like the front door I painted
I like my new mascara
I like my handwriting (when I try)
I like my jokes

And I would like it if YOU used this time to tell me a list of things that you like about YOURSELF!


  1. cute post:)

    two questions though:
    1. what "two" jobs?
    2. what business is your husband getting into?

    And now for what I like!
    1. I like baby Olive
    2. I like my blog
    3. I like sleeping next to my husband
    4. I like fall
    5. I like my Mini
    6. I like my short hair
    7. I like my family
    8. I like Elyse Fair
    9. I like my camera
    10. I like books
    11. I like people from other countries
    12. I like riding in the boat with the wind blowing me
    13. I like to write
    14. I like purple...and green
    15. I like the smell of rubber cement and magic markers
    16. I like pulling weeds (but you can't tell by looking at my flowerbeds)

  2. Thanks for the reply, love! I'm happy someone actually did it! And I like you, too :)

    When I talked about my two jobs, I meant my design job & the photography biz. Ryan has been shooting weddings with me for the past year, but recently has gotten more interested in portrait sessions, too. So he's been going with me to engagement & family sessions, and been throwing out ideas and getting really excited. And very good, too! It's just so much fun to have a common goal together that we can talk and dream about.