Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can't Get Enough

I just finished editing Lauren, Brad & Bens photos. I know I've already done a post about them, but I just had to show a couple more because they're such pretty people :)

Photo Lesson #(we will say) 5: Have confidence. I did this shoot right after work, so I rushed over and was feeling a little overwelmed. Of course Lauren is so sweet, and made me feel comfortable in her home, but I was still feeling aprehensive about shoting in a place I was unfamilure with. But this photo shoot has turned out to be one of my favorite! It can be intimadating to go into a place that you've never been, and move things around, find good light, and ask people to move in diferent positions, but with a little confidence, things can turn out better than you even thought possible. And the more confident you are, the more confident your subject will be in your abilities.


  1. oh my gosh elyse, these are so good!!! i love the bedroom lighting and the green green grass!!!

  2. Ok. You should definitely take your own advice about Lesson #5. Because OH MY GOODNESS! You should be so confident in your abilities! Look how beautiful these are! Thanks again and again and again. I love them!

  3. AMAZING. Lauren + Brad are beautiful and you captured Ben's little squishy face so terrifically!! Keep it up!!!