Monday, July 6, 2009

Camera Lust

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I'm officially in love with the Nikon D-700. Not that I've used it, or even played with it, but just reading about it has been making me drool.

I know that it doesn't LOOK that much different than my current Nikon, but the camera man at the store convinced me (not that it was hard) that I needed one. Too bad they're upwards of $3k. I guess I need to book some more photo sessions....know of anyone?? I have some fun ideas for my next couples shoot!!

Maybe the camera fairy will bring me one....

(sorry dear, it was the manliest fiary pic i could find...nobody reads this but you anyway...)

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  1. elyse, so funny, i saw your blog from lauren's blog awhile ago, read it and thought it was so cute. then when i read the comment you left her about the photo sessions, i decided to check your blog out (again, but i didn't know it was the same blog). then when i read it, i realized it was you... so funny. ps: your puppy is soooo cute!!!!