Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OH so cute Clara

First of all, I have to say that I love the name Clara. And Claire. Except that I think Claire is of limits for our future little nuggets. Claire Fair. Yep, it rhymes. But maybe we could get away with Clara...

Anyway, Clara lived up to her cute name in the photo shoot this weekend, only 6 weeks old and check out that smile! My heart is melting into a little puddle :)

Along with photography, I'm also introducing announcements! I love when my two passions meet--photography and design. What could be better, a one stop shop! This is one I threw together for Clara.
Photo Lesson #I can't remember: Explore (with permission of course) your photographic location. I got a little nervous when I first came to this clients home because the room that she said got the best light wasn't catching the best light at the time. So we explored, and we pulled back the curtains in her older daughters room, and wha-la! Great lighting, didn't even have to use the new studio lighting equipment that I lugged in!


  1. what a sweet little girl! love the photo!

  2. hey elyse...I'm thinking about getting some pics done. Maybe maternity pics, maybe just newborn pics when the babe arrives in august, maybe both. Could you send me your prices? laurenschatzel@email.com