Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So Blessed

The Chamber 5 is what we've been coined. Okay, so we coined that ourselves, but still, these are the lovely ladies I work with, and who have continually blessed my life over the past year. Brought together by everyone's favorite teen vampire book, Twilight (new moon movie comes out November 20th, Hollar!), the unique dynamic of everyone makes for a great group of people that I love to hang out with, even beyond the walls of work.

The transition from college to work has been a really hard one for me, particularly not having good female fellowship. And, as always, God knows what I need in my life at the right time, even when I don't recognize that very often. As many of the co-workers that I started my career with were moving on to different jobs, He started to replace them with these girls who have helped me to find my place and confidence in my work environment, and adult life.

Today they gave me a housewarming gift (from pottery barn, they know me so well!), and I am just overwhelmed by what great friends and people they are.

And as I finish out my day, listening to the New Kids on the Block, and Hannah Montana drifting from my office mate's side of our corner office, I feel very blessed.

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