Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Weekend

What a jam packed three days! On Friday afternoon, the lady in laws and I packed up and headed to Dallas for a shopping overnight trip! It was so much fun, but now we are broke until the end of the month! Oops, sorry dear hubby...

When we got back, I had 2 photography sessions scheduled, and then our drain decided to get a clog and it flooded our garage :( But we have it all taken care of, nothing was ruined, just a little stress.

None the less, I still had two great photo shoots. I'm really excited, because I set up a home studio in my dining room, and I think it worked really well for this family portrait!

My last shoot was of J.J. & Seth, they've been married for almost a year, but wanted to get some wedding portraits done. They are so fun, just love them (background look familiar??).

Photo Lesson #4: Although it went well, don't schedule 2 photo sessions on a Sunday afternoon after you've gallivanted around Dallas for a day and a half...your legs do not appreciate you for it!

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