Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Moving!

To a new website location! haha, got you good there! You thought I had bought another house after living in this one for a month.

I decided the time has come to start a real, professional, big girl website! Goodbye, hello! Hold your horses, it's not live yet :( But I just am so excited I couldn't wait to anounce it to the world! The world being you, my two followers...

So I'm currently working on sorting through all of the millions and billions of photos for the best to put on the site, therefore the posting may be to a minimal these next few weeks, just so you don't worry and think that I've flipped my lid, and run away to a secret, but exotic place with no bugs and weather that doesn't even feel like it's there all year long. Nope. I'm staying up to the wee hours looking through the Chronicles of peoples lives. Here's an oldie but goodie that I think I'll put on.

So be looking (my two followers) for coming your way soon!

I am doing the happy dance. Next project, etsy shop...

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