Friday, June 26, 2009

Pete the Sweet...

Dog Woe #1: Not yet potty trained! What a frustrating process this is! As soon as we think he's got it, we turn around and he's popping a squat! And it's like routine, he's good all night, until after 9, and then he decided it pee in house time. We have tired treats, a kennel, yelling, jumping up and down and doing a dance on our head. Not working. Any suggestions are welcome.

Dog Woe #2: My home is starting to smell like puppy. I'm having a very hard time dealing with this. Again, any suggestions are welcome.

Dog Woe #3: He has me completely and utterly in love with him. It doesn't matter what I do, I still think he's the cutest, bestest dog ever. I honestly think he's the the greatest dog to ever live, which I know is what everyone thinks about their pups.

I've decided that God makes puppies cute because otherwise we wouldn't put up with their smelly, pee-ingness. Who can not love a face like this??

Anyway, other that potty training the pup, here are the Weekend Goals:
  1. Have a great baby photo shoot
  2. Put wheels on the file cabinet for our letterpress
  3. Clean my house!
  4. pick up the drink cart from craigslist man
  5. Edit wedding pictures
  6. Do something nice for my hubby
I figured I'd keep the list short, low expectations, low disappointment. xoxoely

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