Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dirty Laundry

What a weekend! It was relaxing and busy, all at the same time. I only accomplished 3 1/2 of the ten things on my list. But the most important, #5- do something seet for my husband, and #4 - have a great photo shoot got marked off the list, so those were the most important. I did get to go garage saleing (#1) and picked up some good stuff, and I got some of the floors cleaned (#1). We still have sawdust from the pergola EVERYWHERE!

The photo shoot went great, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the couple. They are super sweet, and super fun, and beautiful people (which makes my job easy), and love the Lord, which is apparent in how they were explaining how they want their wedding to be. And, they were such good sports when I trounced them all around OKC to take pictures. 

Our first stop was a cute little laundry mat, which leads me to my next photo lesson: 
Beware of the people you meet at laundry mats. We met some interesting characters while we were there taking some pics. I figured we could just hop in, take some pictures, and be out quick. But the very friendly man we met there was very interested in what we were doing...as well as my camera equipment...as well as our entire history of life...as well as showing us how well he could whisle...as well and telling us about being on the radio. Which was all good, it just made the experience interesting. And even more interesting was the lady to yelled at cussed at us for getting in her way. So, maybe we should only do laundry mats on weekdays when they aren't so busy.

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