Monday, June 8, 2009

Meet Pete!

Say hello to our little friend! This is Pete, the newest addition to our family! I didn't think that I was a dog person, BUT I LOVE MY DOG. He is the smartest, sweetest, cutest, bestest dog ever! And ever so photogenic, don't you think!?

We got our pup on Friday, and I've been smitten with him ever since. I'm actually a little ridiculous. I worry about him when we leave him alone, or when he's sleeping that he isn't breathing, and I just want to cuddle with him all the time. This is a sure sign that we should NOT have children, because if I had a little person baking in my tummy for 9 months, I'd be even more crazy. Crazy, I tell you.

Originally we were going to name him Frank, but he just didn't seem like a Frank. And Pete is a much more awesome name because it rhyme with lots of things. Pete-meat-eat-teak-feet-keep-and the list goes on and on. Currently our nickname for him is SweetPete. If you knew him, you'd call him SweetPete, too. xoxoely


  1. He's adorable!!! I love those eyes! I can't believe you guys got a dog...I have to meet him asap...while he's still a puppy. We need to get together soon anyway. We miss you guys:(

  2. We miss you guys too! Hey, I hear your going to Dallas this weekend, i'm going to be there too, so maybe we can meet up, i'll call you later this week. xoxo