Saturday, January 16, 2010

Holiday Times

Per request of my lovely family, here are some pics from our winter wonderland a couple of weeks ago. You will have to excuse the quality of some of these, I didn't want to get the monster camera out in the snow :)

Our view from outside our front door Christmas morning:

Pete LOVED the snow. He liked jumping around, biting at it, rolling around. Ryan threw the dummy (a hunting training toy) for him in the front yard.

Pete also liked to come in after playing in the snow...but mean female master (that's what Ryan and I have decided Pete calls us -- male master and female master...we're not the mommy and daddy type) liked to take pictures of his face all snowy. Yes, I am talking in third person.

This is when we picked up grandpa Fair in the blizzard on Christmas Eve. I think he's the cutest.

This is by far my favorite picture of the holiday season. People remembering the important things -- like if you're going to be snowed in your house with family for days, it is essential to have the basics -- like a 36 pack of bud light. Risk life and extremities for this.

And also remembering to be good to your family. And taunt them with ice cream.

I love that Becket still has sleep lines on his face. Because we woke him up to take our Annual (starting this year) Mecozzi family portrait with matching apparel. YAY! And yay for tripods.

So there you have it, holiday's with the fair family. I have some New Years photos around here, too...

The restaurant let us take balloons!!!!!!

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  1. I want that pic of Grandpa! Its adorable.