Friday, January 15, 2010

Life as Normal?

My most recent tweet has been:  "I'm having trouble functioning life as normal knowing there is so much destruction and heartache in Haiti right now." Ultimately, I'm not sure if life goes back to normal after something like this. I did not know anyone personally that was effected by the earthquake, so in some ways I feel like I have no right to grieve. But I feel sadness so strongly for them. And I am safely sitting in front of my computer, in a warm place, knowing that the people I love are just a phone call away. I feel almost guilty for this.

This is the same feeling that I had when the Tsunami ran it's destruction through Asia in 2004. I remember the feeling of just wanting to be there, to help. Not just sending my money, but actually getting my hands dirty, sharing the burden of sorrow to help lighted the load of those people. I was lucky enough to have an outlet to do so while I was in college and was able to travel to Thailand and help with relief efforts.

The destruction was unimaginable. On one island we worked on, there was simply nothing left, the rage of the Tsunami had devoured the 40 homes, and left the island as if it had never been touched by humanity. 

Through out the whole trip, though, I was amazed by the resiliance of the human spirit in Thailand. The majority of these people were still joyful, still giving and still loving. I'm not sure if I would have the strenghth to be so graceful in that situation. And I pray that the Haitians would find some sort of peace and resolve in this time of great sorrow.

I know there are a lot of places out there that are taking donations, and sometimes it is confusing to know which to give to and which is safe to give. If you would like a suggestion, is a safe place to give. I have a friend that works at this organization and know it will go into good hands.

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  1. I feel the same loss, guilt and overwhelming fear of apathy. I want to help, to be there, to bring those babies into our safe, warm home...and don't know how.