Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Newest Obession

So, this past week I have been thinking about doing personal proofing with my clients. Meaning instead of doing online proofing, I would sit down with clients and talk to them about their photos, take orders, etc.

And then today Apple announced this little ditty.

The iPad. Yes, I'm not sold on the name. I feel some SNL parodies coming on. But I think it's a sign. Wouldn't be super snazzy to be able to meet clients at a coffee shop and pull this baby out and show them their photos? And I love the I would know that they are seeing the colors that I see when I edit them, and I get to see what type of editing choices they like best.

I just had to share my excitement. I love those Apple people, they always know just what I need (okay, want). And it looks like they will be coming out late May/April. Just in time for my birthday....

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