Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lessons with the Left Handed Calligrapher

Remember how I said that there was one more exciting thing that I had to share about our trip to Dallas? Welp, here it is!

I took calligraphy lessons! Ryan and I are big believers in learning. Not necessarily book knowledge, but continuing to invest in things that we are interested in. We think that it help to keep us more rounded, interesting and happy people. Ryan wants to take cooking lessons, I think that's going to be next summer's investment, and I'm very excited to give him tests in the subject :)

But this time it was my turn-- and I chose calligraphy. Well, actually it chose me. I was reading one of my favorite blogs, and Nicole Black's work was featured. She is the very talented Left Handed Calligrapher

I had been looking for someone to teach me, and was so pleased to find that she lives near Dallas! Hundreds of miles closer than other calligraphers that I have admired. So Nicole sat down with me for an hour and a half and taught me the basics of calligraphy. She is absolutely incredible. It's like magic oozes out of her hand and makes beautiful art forms.

And one of the best parts of the lesson, too, was connecting with another young business owner. I really felt that we were in similar parts of life and in our business. We chatted for another half an hour about websites, and design, and all sorts of things we were learning about being young women who own a business. I felt like I walked away feeling like I had made a great connection with another creative person. What more can you ask for in a lesson?!?

Here is some of Nicole's beautiful work she so graciously did for me:
So amazing! I HIGHLY recommend her for any of your handwritten needs. She does anything from addressing envelopes to calligraphing (is that a word??) and letter-pressing invites. I should have taken a picture of her business card, it's a stunning blind emboss signature on a crane paper (i think...). I'll have to take a pic and post it sometime soon.

And here is some of my not so pretty scribbles, but I'm working on it!
Maybe someday I'll have some magic ooze. But for now I'm excited to have learned something new, and met someone I admire.