Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh the Things I could Do....

Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I wish that I were more adventurous. I wish I wasn’t so practical (stop laughing Ryan, you know what I mean). Because there are so many things that I would do if I weren’t scared. Here is a list.

Buy a cute retro RV and open a snow cone and cupcake moving shop. I’d call it “ely’s sweet eats.” There are some really cute examples on Green Weddings Shoes.

I’d be a wedding visionary. I won’t say wedding planner, because we all know my organization skills are limited. But I’d design these big ideas and themes, down to the type of J.Crew Cardigan that the bride wears in the pictures (that I take of course).
(sorry internet, i don't remember where I found this pic)

I’d buy a cool farm house in the country that people could rent for parties. I’d design, decorate, make invites, take pictures. I’d lug my mom around and she could cater. It would be a one stop party stop. But it would be the event of the year, and I would only allow one per year so that I could prepare and recuperate.

I want to do letter pressing. I have a letterpress, but it kind of intimidates me. Look at this adorable set by Flora and Fauna Press!
I would also design a windows for Anthropologie. But I only want to do this once. I think that’s all the creative that I can do for them. This one is made out of books!

I also thing commercial photography would be really fun—like photographing for a magazine. Like Martha….then I would get to see her store room….I may try to just move in there.
(pics founds here)

Now, if I could just get someone to work on that cloning process so I could have about 5 of me, I think I could handle all of that….

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