Monday, September 13, 2010

4 Questions

I was tagged by the lovely over at the Hiku of Id, and I can't lie, I'm really excited. I feel so cool to be tagged to answer her four questions. And it's good that she gave grace to those of us who are slow, because I just realized I had been tagged :) So here it goes!

A. Tell me a story about a vivid memory you have when you were in the third grade.
Oh geez. First off, I have a terrible, terrible memory. Really bad. Like, I really don't remember things vividly before 6th grade. And sometimes my childhood buddies will bring things up from HIGH SCHOOL, and I have absolutly no recognition of them.

But, with all that said, I remember getting reprimanded in 3rd grade by my dad, Walter. He always had this thing that he would make fun of my teachers names. Kindergarden, First, Second, and now Third grade, he would as me "how was Mrs. (insert silly teachers name) class today?" And now I know he was just being a sweet dad, trying to be involved in my day. But for some reason, it just really irritated me. 

My third grade teacher was Miss Weathers. And she was my first young, pretty teacher I had ever had. So naturally, I thought she was the bee's knees. And my dad would call her Miss Weather-Bee. And it jus made me soooo mad. So one day, we were in his big gold Buick driving through Kicking Bird Square and I told him of my distaste for my teachers nickname, and I came back with "I'm going to call you Wall-Turd from now on." So I got in trouble for saying turd. But i think he secretly thought it was funny.

B. If you could go back in time and visit the you who was a senior in high school the night of your graduation, what would you tell them? Would you give them any advice?
I've actually been thinking about this a little lately. And I think this is going to sound bad, but bear with me. I would have told myself to have a little more fun in college. I was pretty strait laced all through-out my time in college. I don't think I did enough crazy things. I had a good time, and in general a good college experience, but I think I could have kissed few more boys, and drank a few more (or any) beers :)

C. If you could go back in time and have a drink with any person in history, who would you visit and what would you drink? (If you choose a Biblical person that's fine, but you also have to answer with a nonBiblical person, too.)
This is the one that I had to really think about the most. And I wish that I had a really inspirational answer. But I think it would be Leonardo Da Vinci. I'm a little embarrassed to tell you this...but I love the movie Ever After. Yes, the cinderella story with Drew Barrymore. Anyway, they depict Da Vinci as one of those people who have great vigor for life, and I feel like it must be true with all of the things that he was interested in! Wikipedia credits him to being"  Italianpolymathpaintersculptorarchitectmusicianscientistmathematicianengineerinventoranatomist,geologistcartographerbotanist and writer." Plus he's an Italian. How much more interesting than you get? And I would drink lemonade, and he would drink wine. Because I imagine us sitting on a second story Itailian villa looking over a vinyard basking in the eventing sun. And wine seems appropriate, but I don't like it. 

D. What children's book would you say best describes your personality? Why? 
Remember when I said that I have a terrible memory?? Well...I don't really remember the characters of children's books very well. This was my favorite question, but I feel like I can't give a good answer. But sometimes I feel like I'm the mouse from "If you give a Mouse a Cookie." Not necessarily because I'm always asking people for things (or at least I hope I don't!), but because I feel like I'm always looking forward to the next bigger and better thing and sometimes I forget to live in the moment and love and appreciate where I am in life.

Ryan says I'm Cindy Loo Who because I'm sweet and little and innocent. I really have the wool over his eyes, huh?? :)

Sooo, the other part of playing tag is tagging others. Sooo, tag, you're it.
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Here are your questions:
1. What is your guilty pleasure television show?
2. If you could be invited to any celebrities wedding, which one would you want to go to (past or future)?
3. So far in your life, what have you done that you are the most proud of yourself for?
4. What do you think the greatest invention of your lifetime is, and why?

This was fun!!!

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  1. hahahaha....I laughed so hard at question A that I almost peed my pants! It's hard to imaginine your sweet little 3rd grade self calling Dad Walt-urd!!! Was that the year of the perm?