Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bad News Bears

Oh no. This is bad news for me. I saw this on one of the blogs I read, More things from Martha to lust after. She launched a new line with Home Depot for Kitchen cabinets. Dang you Martha for being making me love you so!

Please, of Please, can I have this kitchen someday? I love the little sitting area, and the open cabinets, and then beat board (is that what it's called) ceiling. The grey cabinets. The simple handles. I even love the green color. Not to mention the farm house sinks that I'm obsessed with.

In particular, I'm obsessed with kitchen design. I think it's because I don't particularly love mine. It is a very workable space, and I'm so blessed to HAVE a kitchen to cook in, so I feel bratty wishing i had something different. The owner before us painted the cabinets black and put a dark counter top in. It looks nice, It just doesn't get a lot of natural light, so it feels very dark and heavy. And we are afraid to paint it. 1- because we are lazy and don't want to do the work. 2- they were professionally painted, so I don't think we'd do as good of job.

Here are some other kitchens I love. Don't know where the images are from, they just reside in my 'dream house' file on my computer. I'm sorry (and jealous) if this is your kitchen and you're not getting credit for it.

Don't you love the rounded cabinets on that last one?? xoely

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