Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So my co-worker texted me this morning:
“If you could have any job with no worries about money, location, etc. what would it be?”

Woa Traci, that’s heavy for 8:28 in the morning. Especially since we share an office, but have an unspoken rule that neither of us really talk before 10:30 because we KNOW we both don’t function well in the morning.

Anyway, it caught me very off guard, so it made me think a lot. My initial thought was “duh, a photographer.” Which is awesome, because it helps me to know that I really love what I’ve been doing. But then I thought a little more…if I could do ANYTHING, without worries, without consequences, just lived it up, what would I do?

Could I just be a professional creative hobbyist? Do some photography work here, some wedding invitation design here, some wedding planning here, some interior decorating here. I think that would be awesome. But maybe a little frustrating, too, that I couldn’t dedicate all my time to that.

Then I thought…maybe I’d be a wedding stylist. Come up with a vision for a bride, and help her to chase after it. But then I got nervous that I would run out of ideas. But then, I figured out what the perfect job for me would be.

A buyer. That's what I would be. For a really fun and unique store that liked ruffles, and textures, and high class things. I could see myself in high heels and cute pencil skirts (because this is in my dream world, right? I do that there), my heels tapping on the concert floor as I came up with the vision for the new fall line. And it’s perfect because I don’t have to have the ideas, I just have to choose the good ones. And the fun of being able to mold people’s ideas of style. And see people wear/use things that I chose to put in the store. Oh yes, being a buyer would be the cat’s meow. And then eventually after I was tired of the heels and skirts, I would open my own store and just buy for my own shelves. And by shelves, I mean fun tables and mismatched book cases. And I would have a little sitting area so I could feed my friends cupcakes and milk when they came to visit.

So, I ask you: If you could have any job with no worries about money, location, etc. what would it be?

Image (of my imaginary lets) thanks to BR

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  1. Easy. I want to volunteer. Everywhere. Local - Overseas - Medical - Nonmedical. And in all my free time I want to stay home with my baby until she goes to preschool like Mom did with us.