Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Classic Beauty

On our excursion to the north land, we got to visit my grandparents. They are such an amazing couple. Been married 50+ years, and their love is still apparent. Feelings are still apparent. He still talks about how lucky he is, and how she was the prettiest girl in town when he courted her. And she dotes on him for what good care he takes of her. And Grandma even still gets mad when Grandpa looks over her shoulder with commentary when she's making apple pie. I guess that never goes away :)

While we were there, Grandma pulled out some of their old photos, and Grandpa is right, she was a total bombshell! We took some and scanned them, and I just had to share. I'd really like to post the pics of her in her bathing suit that she sent to my grandpa when he was oversea's in the war, but Grandma would surely disown me if she ever found out.

I hope hubby and I are as cute as them in 50 years.

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