Monday, September 21, 2009

Reception No. 3

This past weekend was my parents threw my sister and her new husband a reception at our home in Oklahoma. Reception no. 3. One was in Michigan, one in Korea, and one here in good ol' OK. My mom decided to play on the western theme (Yes mom, thank you for confirming all the ideas of  hay bails and hick to the northern guests), and of course she went all out, as always. Love you mom, but you are a little crazy. All of you readers out there that have had the pleasure of meeting Sue, you know it's true. Don't deny it. Anyway, I have digressed, but here are a couple of details from the night.
There were about 16 tables, and mom made a different cake for each table:

This one has eatable gold on it, fancy pants

Here's the happy couple!

Oh, the barrels. We had to go to 2 different Atwoods to get them all.

Mr. Cho was the keeper of the fire. One of them anyway. There were three.

Husband got deemed King of the Grill, he cooked over 60 steaks!

Lets not forget the 100 LBS OF PEANUTS. Because everyone needs to take two pounds of peanuts home with them. But no. We have 98 pounds left. Anybody want a peanut?

Any we have to throw some baby pics in there. This cutie is Stella. Best name ever.

And this is what we all did the day after the party! Love you dad!

I make fun, but mom really is great at what she does. I didn't take any pics of her fine chocolates because I didn't get to them before guests did, but if you are looking for someone to cater a dessert bar at your wedding, let me know, she's makes beautiful, tasty treats!

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  1. I think the western theme turned out beautiful! I wish my back yard looked like that!!!