Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Sister

I am SO excited to see my sister this weekend! I am very blessed to have one lovely and amazing sister that lives near me, but the other has decided to abandon her little sister and live a billion miles away. Okay, so just Chicago, but still seems to far.

Anyway, I am very, very, very excited to get to see her soon. She has a pretty demanding job, so we don't even get to talk on the phone much, which makes me sad because she's pretty much one of the best people I know. Super smart, dedicated, successful, compassionate, fun, generous and has one of the most infectious laughs. You could pretty much say she's my hero.

When I was in grade school, she was in high school. About once a month, she would take her off campus lunch time, bring subway and come eat lunch with me. So while all of the other little kiddies ate their green beans off of the white Styrofoam trays, I got to have a roast beef sandwich with my sister. It was awesome.

This past fall she got married, and I'm so happy for her. I've seen her heart get broken a couple of times, and some jerks take advantage of her giving spirit. It's good to see her happy. Now I'm just ready for her to pop out some cute babies.

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