Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oklahoma Girl Featured on Grey's Anatomy Tonight (actually March 3, 2010)

*note: This is a repost: as I've been looking at this post as I post more, it kept bothering me that it said "OK Girl" because it sounds like I just thought she was alright, not fabulously talented like she is. What I MEANT by that was "Oklahoma Girl." Because that is were I live :) So I changed it to clarify.

I don't know if any of you are addicted to Grey's Anatomy as I am (I know, it's a philthy habit), but I was excited to find out that a local artist, Ali Harter, is going to have two songs featured on the show tonight. I think that's pretty neat!

You can read and article about her at, and see here she perform one of the songs that is going to grace the show tonight:

They lyrics make me wonder what sort of drama is going to happen....

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