Monday, March 22, 2010

Why must I have expensive taste

I was looking at one of my fav photography blogs, The Savvy Photographer, and saw these little pretties that they're doing a gift card give away from Shey B:

Aren't they cute? I hope I win the contest because, as always, my favorite one is the most expensive one. It doesn't matter what it is, and I don't mean to, that's just how I am. When Ryan and I were registering for our wedding at William Sonoma, we were looking at salt and pepper shakers, and out of all of them I picked out this little set as my favorite. Too bad they were pure silver and some ridiculous price, like $300. I just have that knack for some reason, to know what is expensive. I think that I was supposed to be born an heiress or something.

Anyway, in other news we just spent a great weekend hanging with friends, celebrating birthdays, playing Truth or Dare (yes, we are in our mid twenties), getting rear ended in the snow, but the best of all was the CURLING BIRTHDAY PARTY we attended. Ryan has decided that he's ready to go pro: 


  1. Cute pic! I can't believe you guys were in Dallas too! What did you do?

    I miss you:)

  2. We were in Dallas for Aaron's birthday party. Megan threw his a surprise curling party! I miss you, too.