Friday, April 16, 2010

Drumroll please.....

Well, blog, I have been avoiding you. Specifically this post. Not because I have some big scary to share, but because it is an epic post. Post number…..(drum roll please)…..100!

Streamers shooting, confetti flying, and now…what do I talk about??? I was hoping that my hundredth post so I would f. But, no, I have just been letting it sit all lonely and neglected.

So I was looking back at my posts from the past year and a couple of months. It’s been a crazy ride for us! I started a business, traveled to Korea, we bought a house, got a puppy, survived 2 snow storms, lost a job, and now here we are. It’s been kind of a crazy ride! I wish I could say that we are on a high point of the ride right now, but it’s been a tough month. But I think it is all starting to even out now.

Ryan has been working really hard to get everything in line for his Alternative Certification to teach. I can’t remember if I had mentioned that teaching was the game plan. When Ryan got laid off in January, it was scary, but at the same time a great opportunity for him to really look at what he wants to do. He liked his old job for the most part, but he was pretty sure that he didn’t want to be in insurance for the rest of his life. So with the help and encouraging of a sweet friend, Ryan came to the conclusion that he would really like to teach. And he is super excited. Like, jump up in the air, happy.

And when I came home from work yesterday, he had his study guides and books sprawled out on the dining room table taking notes. Ryan. Studying. More than the night before. It’s a small miracle. And I am really proud of him, and happy that he has found something he is passionate about. So keep your fingers crossed that he passes the test! And keep your toes, legs and eyes crossed that he will get a job, too.

And I have been doing a lot of soul searching about my photography. Really trying to develop a style of my own, a voice of my own. Which is hard for me, because we all know how indecisive I am.

So that’s what’s going on with the Fairs on my hundredth post. That, and our little Pete turns one TODAY!!!  And because Pete is our baby, we gave him the first year photo treatment, cupcake and all:

I know, we are horrible people. I would judge me if I were you, too. How terribly unlucky that Pete got paired with the two of us. Putting him in bowls, making him sit in a high chair. At least we reward him heavily with tastey treats. And don't fret, we were very careful with our use of open flame with our pup -- and the cupcake was dog healthy, too, pureed chicken and eggs made by yours truly.

Do you like that his birthday picture turned out like one of those creepy posters that the dentist hangs on the ceiling for you to look at when you get your teeth cleaned, or that Angela from the Office would hang in her cubicle? 5% horrific, 95% HILARIOUS! Because the photo was cheesy, I chose a font that equaled in it's bad taste. 

So this is us, on our 100th post. Over and out.

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