Saturday, April 3, 2010

Peter Frankenstein Fair, The Greatest Dog That Has Ever Lived

Ryan and I are really enthused by Pete lately. Minus his exsessive shedding at the moment, he’s just about the greatest dog that has ever lived, and he’s getting greater. The new things that he has recently done include:
  • Catching the ball when we throw it up really, really, really (I mean really) high
  • Going to his bed when we eat dinner. We always make him do this when we have meals (because let’s be honest, we eat at the couch most nights and he likes to sneak little tasty treats when we aren’t looking), but recently we haven't even had to tell him to go to his bed--he’s just figured it out. When we make our meal and emerge from the kitchen, he goes straight to his bed with no prompting. Awesome.
  • He is trying to negotiate with me. We always put him outside when we leave the house, and usually he’s happy with that. Except for lately when it’s been cold. I’ll open the back door, tell him to go outside, and then he will walk right past me into his kennel, and look at me like “Hey, I’m just going to stay in here today, is that cool?”
  • And my most favorite thing about Pete: He lets me take ridiculous pictures of him, as seen below.
Don’t worry moms, this isn’t the same bowl that I put your babies in. This is the slightly larger one that it nests in. But Pete is our baby for the time being, so he gets the bowl treatment.

But Pete was pretty hilarious when we took these pics. He DID NOT want to go in the bowl. I suppose "let's me take ridiculous pictures' wasn't a wholly honest statement. Puts up with our shinanagans because we give him treats is probably more accurate. Here's a rundown of how this went:

Ryan picks up Pete and puts him in absurdly large bowl.
Pete escapes and runs for freeeeeddddooooommmm!
Ryan gets Pete back in bowl, and Pete looks at me angered and humiliated, complete with grass of defeat all over him.
Pete realizes he's going to get a little treat, licks his chops and decides to cooperate, indicating this by a wink. What a great dog.

Watch out future Fair children, I will also make you sit in bowls. I'll even try to finagle you in there for your senior pics if I can. Ba-ha-ha.

Speaking of babies in bowls, you can see can see some over on the pro-blog!

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  1. Even though he's defeated, the curled up Pete in the bowl is too cute.