Thursday, April 29, 2010

Now They're Giving Away a Kelly Moore Bag!

So my last post was about the givaway for the workshop. Everyday they're doing a new giveaway for the day, and then each day you enter for the giveaway you're put in the BIG giveaway for the workshop. My last blog they were giving away a UNO resource, which looked cool, but I was more interested in the workshop.

Well NOW they are giving away a Kelly Moore bag. I've talked about them on this blog before, they look fabulous. And I wasn't going to annoy you with another blog post entry, but if I didn't win the workshop spot, the bag would be a nice consolation prize!

But here's the question of the day: If I were to win, which color would I choose, the grey or the yellow?? I'm so indecisive, what do you think??

IMG_9316 IMG_9456

I'm leaning toward the yellow because it is so fun, but the grey is pretty classic. Any suggestions? You can go check out the Kelly Moore site, they have some really nice bags for guys, too, wouldn't Ryan look cute with this one:
And Check out the LOVE AFFAIR BLOG and enter to win a Kelly Moore Bag & a seat to their upcoming workshop in Dallas!!


  1. That's a hard one. If it were me I'd think about going yellow to make a statement, knowing that it doesn't match anything I have. Then I'd think about going grey because it'd match more stuff and be more my style. But that's a really hard one. Hopefully it'll be one you have to bother with and bother with when you go to the workshop.

  2. i would go with grey, everytime i get something in a bright color i get sick of looking at it.