Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 Years!

Yesterday as Ryan and I were at a celebratory lunch in honor of Ryan being accepted into the Alternative Certification Program (yay!), he realized that we had another reason to celebrate -- it was our anniversary!

We are so bad, since we were married on Memorial Day weekend, i think that we automatically think that our anniversary is the Saturaday before Memorial Day monday. And we forget EVERY YEAR. We know that it is the month, but for some reason May is always just crazy and we forget. Plus, we've decided that we are going to save our anniversary experiences and have one big one at our five year mark and go to Italy! I can't wait! And now we are one year closer!

It's been a rather eventful year for us. We had just purchased our home in May, so we had our first year of mortgages and home improvements (which I have a good one to show you soon!), we got our pup, officially started the photog business, Ryan lost his job and decided to make a big career change--just a lot. But it was good. I feel like Ryan and I really grew together and became more settled in our marriage. I think the first two years still felt like we were having a really extended play session of house. Ryan is the boy, Elyse is the girl, and you're married, go! But I guess things like mortgages and tough times like loosing your job really stretched us a couple. And hopefully we have come out better for it.

It's really a joy to live with my hubby. I think he is the most kind, most loving guy a girl and ask for. To brag on him a little, he is so giving of his heart and time, and probably the most important quality in a person is he is teachable. Not in a 'I'm training my  husband' sort of way, but in a way that makes him so approachable when my heart is hurt, or when I have to confront him about something. He can set aside his pride and love me through that. I'm not as good at it is he is, but I'm trying to learn from him.

 So, to celebrate last night we went to our favorite icecream place.



  1. can't believe it's been 3 yrs...congrats sweet friend!! your wedding day was such a fun, fun time! thankful for the way the Lord's using you & ryan in your marriage :)

  2. Congrats on both hitting year three and for getting the alt cert! Such wonderful things to celebrate!!