Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Rising Oklahoma Star

This morning I was listening to the radio when I was getting ready for work, and this kid, from Edmond, Oklahoma, was featured. At first I thought that it was Lady Gaga in an unplugged version or something, but I come to find out it is a 6th grade boy named Grayson Chance who was competing in his school talent show.

He is supposed to be on the Ellen show sometime soon. What a cool kid! And he has the perfect name for a celebrity.


  1. Wow. WHen I was in elementary school I played "turkey in the straw" on the piano. :)

    This kid is really talented.

  2. I love watching the girls' expressions in the background. Some of them seem clueless to the talent and others are ready to ask him to the prom! ;)

    Stephanie Hersley George