Friday, May 21, 2010

Today is one of those days….

First things first—I changed my outfit like a billion times this morning. Which lead me to the mishap of wearing a black bra with a white wife beater type shirt….classy. Too bad I didn’t realize it until I looked down and saw that Pete had gotten dog smut all over me, which once again brings attention to my black bra under my now dirty white wife beater type shirt. Awesome.

And in addition to that, I am kind of in one of those moods that I’m just emotional. I’m still stressed out about the Grey’s Anatomy season finale (will come back to this), I’m stressed for other people at work who have a really big project that I’m not really a part of, I’m stressed out about the oil that is spewing into the ocean, I’m stressed for Ryan and his test he is taking tomorrow…and this clip of this little girl on 911 almost made me cry!

 get back to Greys. As my husband said last night, I feel like that season Finale needed an after game show. Wow, what a crazy, stressful, on your seat type of show! Here are my thoughts:
  1. If you are a doctor at Seattle Grace, FIND A DIFFERENT HOSPITAL. I mean, come on, there has been a bomb that goes off, barges crash and you drown, and now a shooter picks off people in the hospital! That is not a place to be guys…
  2. I think that all of the shooting stuff happened because the Mercy West thing didn’t take on as much as the writers thought it would. I love Avery and glad he’s on the show and REALLY hope that he and Yang get together. But as for the two Mercy West people that got killed, I think that they just didn’t know what to do with them. I can’t even remember their names.
  3. If they were getting rid of the Mecy West people, WHY didn’t they get rid of Derek’s annoying intern. I know, I know, she’s probably going to cause conflict next season because I bet that she and Derek will have some sort of love affair because they are connected with the shooting thing. And they need a catalyst for conflict between Derek and Meredith, but she just gets on my nerves.
  4.  The thing I’m probably the most upset with is that little Grey didn’t choose Sloan. L
  5. I still miss George.

Welp, that’s my round up of my obsession with Grey’s. I am glad they didn’t leave me hanging wondering if Derek and Alex were going to die. I don’t think I could have handled it today J

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