Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 in iPhone Photos

So I mentioned before that one of my 2011 New Year Promises is to take more everyday photos. Well, my phone has been the place that I've been taking my everyday photos. So, it was the best way for me to sum up 2010!! (In no particular order)
Ryan Got wranglers :)
"Santa" made a visit on Christmas Eve.

The leaves...the day after we raked the first time.
Visiting Amy in Minesota.

On the roof of the Cox Center. Terrifying.

Devon Tower being built.
The Darrough's visit.
Cami breaks down, the boys fix her.
Beckett helps :)

Aaron eats tiny ice cream.
Our first win at Lost Ogle Trivia!
Mel comes home :)
Office party at Orange Leaf.
Taking care of the Hall chickens.

We get the photobooth in. Big umbrellas.
We teach Pete to drink out of a straw...
We go to Kamps 100th birthday party.
Favorite Co-op pick up. Peaches!
Boone comes to visit
Lori comes to visit. For the New Moon showing. 
Krissy's birthday party.
The appletons help us move furniture.
Mom's birthday dinner at flips.
The little old couple in the movie the day before Thanksgiving. We decided that would be our new tradition into our old age :)
Lunch and a play with the Fair women.
Megan comes to visit!
San Francisco trolly car ride.
Ryan's first year teaching!!
Sus visits.
Boone visits!
I hit a car :(
Flaming Lips private concert.
Boone! We really like him.

Anniversary ice cream.
Greys season finale.
New door!
April hail storm.

Birthday dinner and Pete surprises me in the parking garage!

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Illinois. 

Easter Chat with Lori.
Aaron's curling birthday party.
I meet the cat with thumbs.
44 bags of leaves. ugh.
February snow storm.
Pete's cone. He broke it, fixed with duck tape.

trip to Denver.
My birthday peonies :)
Pete watching for ducks.
US conference of Mayors. Sweet friends eat in my office because I was too busy to leave it. For days.

Kate visits :)

A full, fun iPhone year :) Now I'm watching the old True Grit. We saw the new one this weekend, it was excellent. xoely


  1. Great recap! I love all the pictures. I can't believe how big Beckett has gotten! And I still think Bucket when I see his name because of the story you told me:)