Saturday, January 15, 2011


One of my girlfriends from college posted this video on her blog, and it really touched me. And by touched me, I mean tears streaming down my face.

I had never seen Kelle Hampton's blog before (and I thought I cried hard during the video, it was nothing compared to her birth story). I think one of the reasons why her video and story was so powerful is that she was so raw and honest about her feelings when she first found out she had a daughter with down-syndrome. I feel like she said the things that most parents actually feel, but is hard to admit out loud. Even to yourself, let alone in front of other people, putting it out there for anyone to hear. That's scary. 

But also so freeing. I can imagine how relieved someone else feeling the same things might feel to see someone, who obviously is head over heels in love with her daughter, had some of the same disappointment and embarrassment that they might have felt. But also se how in so many ways her daughter is to be celebrated for her differences. So full of life, and so full of love. 

She has started a ONEder fund to " spread awareness and create more opportunities for the world to understand that we are more alike than different." I encourage you to not eat lunch out one day next week, and donate.

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  1. Great post, friend. So glad this impacted you like it did me:)

    Also, we need to talk soon because the husband and I are definitely moving to OKC! I'm excited to get to see you guys more.