Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And it all Came Crashing Down

Literally. As I sat in my parents car (borrowed because mine doesn’t have heat at the moment) in Monday morning go to Walgreens to get flu medicine for Ryan, my wooden garage door split at the windows, and in result rained shards of glass all over the car. Awesome. Note: Ryan ran and checked to make sure Pete was okay and hadn’t gotten hurt, not me. Yeah, I know where I stand.
Anyway, so poor, sickly Ryan and I spent our MLK day off shopping for new garage doors. Which is not how I envisioned my Monday Funday, but I suppose I do feel lucky that it happened on a day that Ryan was at home with me, otherwise I would have been stuck in the garage and wouldn’t know what to do. And I’m thankful I was inside the car, and not outside getting a glass shower.

Anyway, I chose a garage door design that I’ve seen that I like a lot, but they didn’t have a color that I liked to go with our house at the moment, so we went ahead and got white so they would be easy to paint. Now I need some help—we decided to paint our house this summer while Ryan is off for school, but I’m terrible at choosing colors.

This is our house:
This is color is what I’m thinking, a warm grey with a slight green tint and white accents:
These are some other houses I like:
Do y’all think the greenish grey would look good? Or do you think it would make our house look cold? What color do you think we should do accents? Do I need to change the red door color?? So many things to think about, I’m stressed.

So, in conclusion, we have decided that the month of January hates the Fairs. All the crappy things happen in January for us. And the feeling is rather mutual at the moment.

But, so I end on a more pleasant note, here is some house eye candy that I have saved over the years.

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  1. Love the idea of the greenish-gray. It'll perk it up... won't look cold at all. If anything it'll give it some panache!