Thursday, January 13, 2011

The evolution of our House: The Dining Room

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it before, but I love houses. It would really surprise me if I hadn't. Even though we already bought a house almost 2 years ago, I still look at listings on zillow. I dream of having a home with oceans of natural light and interesting architecture that allows me to have a whole wall of book shelves with a rolling ladder, and I would sing and roll around on it like Belle.

I'm a first impression girl. For sure. I believe that 90% of the time the first impression you make is the one that sticks with a person. Which is rather unfortunate for me since I'm bit of an awkward muffin. But my first impression of our house was dark and dreary-- the fellow who owned it before us loved black. His bedroom had black furniture, black bedspread, black sheets, even black curtains.

So I think I've been stuck in the mindset that our house is dark and dreary always. And I hope this doesn't sound like I am being unthankful for the wonderful provision that we have been blessed with. I love my home because it is sturdy, and it is solid, and it provides us with room to stretch our legs, and it has a great layout for having people over (probably my most favorite thing is how well it lends to parties), and it is in a, what I think, is a gem of a neighborhood tucked away where most people don't just drive by. and I love that we have a great backyard for Pete to play in. And, especially lately, I feel so blessed to have a warm place to stay. I know not all people have that. There are so many things I am thankful for. But I wouldn't necessarily say the style of my house is my taste. But we are working on it.

But I believe I had my first breakthrough with our abode last week. I bought some flowers from the local flower store, stuck them on the table, and thought to myself..."Hmmm, I think I really like this room. I think this room and I could be friends."

So this is how the previous owner had it:

And here it is with a womanly touch:

It was definitely a work in progress. Mainly because I'm cheap. Most everything was bought on major sale or craigslist. I'm still looking for a rug, but man, those sure are expensive! But overall I'm happy with it, except I don't know what to do in the bay window. Any suggestions?? (I know, I'm never pleased...)


  1. It's not really something that makes me think of you but maybe my idea will make you think of something for your bay window.

    My mom has a wooden bakers rack type thing in hers and she has all her plants sitting on it.

    What about a short little side board or something...hmm I'll keep thinking :)

  2. Love it. Looks much more homey.

    A ficus tree could be a fun addition - and you could decorate it to the theme of your parties or with the seasons.

  3. You're dining room is super cute! Way better than the game table...haha. I was in the same boat as you, looking for a rug but having a hard time finding one that didn't make me gasp for air when I saw the price tag. I ended up finding one on It is a little tricky because you can't see the colors in person but with $2.95 shipping, it really helps keep the cost down and they have a HUGE selection. I don't work for overstock, just say'n :)