Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 New Year Promises

Yep, again, a little late on this. And if you are confused by New Year Promises vs. New Year Resolution, you can hear my thoughts here. But these are the things I'd like to try to do this year:

  1. Be better about writing Thank You notes. Typically in the past I've been a champion at this (example: we had all of our thank you notes written and mailed with in 2 weeks of our wedding. Boo-yah!). But the past year or two I've kind of let myself slide.
  2. Take more everyday pictures. Sometimes I feel like because I am a photographer, every photo I shoot has to be, well, professional. So, I think that because of that I miss out of actually taking photos and sharing them because I feel pressure that if I share them, they have to be beautiful, perfectly exposed and watermarked. But  I know how much I love and enjoy going through old photos of my parents and grandparents, and maybe someday someone will want to see some of Ryan and I. 
  3. Take my camera with me more often on a day to day basis. This kind of goes hand in hand with taking more everyday photos.
  4. Make a wedding album for our wedding. I know, it's been almost 4 years, don't judge me.
  5. And this is going to be the biggie that I'm not so sure about considering the past few weeks-- I want to post at least 3 times a week. eeeek! So that means stay tuned, I will have to post one more time today....
Anyway, anyone else make New Year Promises?

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  1. No New Year's promises/resolutions at our house. I gave those up for Lent years ago and never readopted the practice.